Oh now I get it….

Oh now I get it….
Parents just don’t get how hard it is for ‘children’ these days:
When their cell-phone isn’t working
When they don’t have a ride somewhere or a car they want
When they don’t have the popular clothing line
When they don’t have internet working
When they don’t have the most popular electronic device
When they don’t have anything to eat because it’s not what they want and/or cooked
When they can’t do or get something because they haven’t done what they’re suppose to do


Children just don’t understand how easy they have it today
Having a cell phone is a privilege;
Having a car of your own is a privilege and using the feet God gave you is a blessing only some others would love to have;
Having clothes on your body is a blessing;
Having internet is a privilege;
Having electronic devices are a privilege;
Having something to eat is a blessing whether it’s something you like or not; there are starving people in this world who would give to have what you have;
Getting something or being able to do something you want should be the reward for something that you have done or worked hard for…not because you feel entitled


Summer has come and gone….school is back in session

Summer has come and gone!! Where did it go? I never believed it as a young kid, but I am a believer now in the saying that “Time goes by faster as you get older”. So now it’s back to the hectic, crazy routine of trying to remember your children’s school schedule, what each different teacher/class requires, what notes need to be read, signed and turned it…so on and so on!!

Some time late July or early August I thought I would put myself ahead of the game and start a little school supply shopping early. Here I was giving myself a pat on the back because I got everything the kids needed. Well, despite my efforts of getting ahead of the game, I have found out that teachers now (at least high school), much prefer that their students use the spiral notebooks for their work instead of loose lined paper. So it was back to the store the first week of school scrounging around for those 70 page, 3 subject notebooks and of course they had to be college-ruled paper. Well I managed to scramble up 3 “normal” ones and the last one I came across was a Taylor Swift notebook. I pondered and pondered as to whether or not I should get that…finally I just told myself I might as well get it because this may be the last of it.

I took the notebooks home, proud that I was able to get the notebooks that I did and of course my 15 year old turned her nose up to the Taylor Swift one. I probably should have expected it but thought she would have been a little bit more appreciative of the fact that she got the notebooks. Oh well, just another day right? just another teen moment?

It’s moments like this that I wish they were in elementary still. The lists of needs was far more easier than it is now. But as fast as summer has come and gone, it goes the same for they are no longer those small kids….Where does time go?