Oh now I get it….

Oh now I get it….
Parents just don’t get how hard it is for ‘children’ these days:
When their cell-phone isn’t working
When they don’t have a ride somewhere or a car they want
When they don’t have the popular clothing line
When they don’t have internet working
When they don’t have the most popular electronic device
When they don’t have anything to eat because it’s not what they want and/or cooked
When they can’t do or get something because they haven’t done what they’re suppose to do


Children just don’t understand how easy they have it today
Having a cell phone is a privilege;
Having a car of your own is a privilege and using the feet God gave you is a blessing only some others would love to have;
Having clothes on your body is a blessing;
Having internet is a privilege;
Having electronic devices are a privilege;
Having something to eat is a blessing whether it’s something you like or not; there are starving people in this world who would give to have what you have;
Getting something or being able to do something you want should be the reward for something that you have done or worked hard for…not because you feel entitled


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