Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

As much as I hate to admit it, these are just 3 habits I have:


A good cup o’ Joe almost always gets me going. If it’s not from here it’s from home.  Caffeine addict? Most definitely!!


I said I wouldn’t but I couldn’t pass up the urge to the what this game was about.  Needless to say, I’m hooked and on level 53.


And yet another game I’m hooked on. God help me!! Lol!!

I have other little habits but I’m hoping these brought a smile to your face ir just a good laugh!!


Weekly Photo Challenge of the Week: “Horizon”

Stunningly Beautiful

I believe this photograph was taken about a year ago. I think it’s beautiful and calms the soul. (As you can tell it’s one of my favorites since I used it in my “About Me” profile. Have an awesome Sunday and week. Remember to stop and smell the roses!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge : Good morning!

My contribution to the weekly photo challenge of the week is one I’m particularly proud of and would love to share. You see, it doesn’t really involve morning coffee (although coffee is a HUGE part of morning), or my early morning ride to get to work at 7 stopping off to get a picture of a beautiful sunrise… my “Good Morning”…. consists of waking up to this beautiful blessing….my 3 year old little boy!!

One of my 4 blessings





I have 4 kids (3 girls (20-17-15) and my little boy 3– they are all my blessings and I wouldn’t change that for the world even with all the trials and tribulations that we have gone through. But waking up next to this precious little angel every morning…is a feeling that I can’t describe. There’s just a bond that is beyond words. Maybe it’s because he’s my only boy and the baby at that, I don’t really know and can’t explain.

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!!


Weekly Photo Challenge of the Week: Saturated

So I was wondering how I could contribute my thoughts regarding this week’s photo challenge, saturated. Well, I happened to be at Lowe’s on Sunday and lo and behold, here’s what I find– who would’ve known Duct Tape came in so many colors??

It's a rainbow of duct tape

This weekly photo challenge has become more and more fun for me each week, so I continued my search. Today as I’m sitting in my room, I run across these bendable flowers:

Bendable Flowers

More bendables

And last but not least, my sons (maybe my boyfriends’ stuffed animals, but I won’t tell him you know that! Lol!)… Here’s Pacman !!!And here's Pacman and the gang

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!!!