Cancer Sucks!!!!


Fortunately I have not been diagnosed with cancer but it seems like every time I turn around or log into Facebook or something, either a co-worker, friend or a friends family member is having to face such a monster.  I say in the last 2-3 years I know of at least 5 people (friends, co-workers, or friends family member) has been diagnosed with one form of cancer or other. Its sad and depressing to know that you can’t just snap your fingers and make it go away and make it better, that’s not reality!

2 years ago I lost a friend to cervical cancer, she was in her early 30’s. To this  day I still carry some guilt because there was a time about 2-3 months before she  passed, that she was feeling good enough to go and have lunch, unfortunately I could not make it because I had plans  during the lunch hour. I kick myself in the butt because that would’ve been the last time I would’ve seen her.  I could’ve  hugged her and seen her smile and hear her laugh and that would’ve been a great memory.  But the  more I think about it, maybe it wasn’t meant for me to see her at that time, at that stage in her life.  Maybe I was just suppose to remember her before she got sick. I don’t know. I am comforted to know she no longer suffers.

All I know is cancer sucks!!! I wish no one had to endure that.  And to those out there who are faced with such a monster, I pray for your healing.  I am inspired by these people because they fight  everyday to survive and they do it with a smile even though they must want to break down. They are more positive than those who are not faced with such a battle.

It’s also a reminder that we should never take life for granted. Tell those  that mean the most to you that you love them and cherish every moment!! Make  memories while you can and don’t kick
yourself in the butt like I do!


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