Quote of the day

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged anything but today’s quote of the day is very appropriate for me. The reason I say this is I have been dealing with some car issues and have been since late April, early May. We all know how frustrating working on your car can be because of the time and cost that goes into it, but unfortunately, I have found myself in that situation. It started shaking a little, then alot. Took it to the mechanic, spark plugs were changed, wires were changed, fuel injection cleaner was done as well. Car did great for a little while then it started acting up again. This time though the light came on. It was diagnosed with a cylinder misfire. So THEE greatest boyfriend did his research and took my car apart. The fuel injectors were old and filty (I bought the car used and it still had all the original parts, mind you the car is only 5 years old); he sent the fuel injectors into a local store for what he thought was a complete rebuild…WRONG….it was only a partial rebuild, so he looked for a rebuild kit which he got but that still didn’t work….so we ordered remanufactured fuel injectors. In the meantime he replaced the air filter, fuel filter, cleaned out the intake manifold, changed the oil…etc..etc… ( I write as if I truly know alot about cars, but to be truthful, I know next to nothing about how it all really works– but I am slowly learning). The rebuilt injectors came in and those were changed….BAM…car was working great…at least for a few days that is. The light came back on and the same code popped up…cylinder misfire. UUUGGHH!!! So we decide that maybe it’s the coil pack…that was changed and once again, car worked fine…again just for a few days. This time, I took it to the dealership… diagnostic was done….now I need a new powertrain control module, which I’m now learning also goes by the name of ECM. I was told that it was a vendor item only, would take a week to receive… I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised when the service guy said that just the part alone would be $1074 and labor would be $250….so he says, you’ll pay just a little over $1400. I guess the phrase “just a little over $1400” was suppose to help ease the pain. Anyway, once again THEE best boyfriend has begun his research into helping me find that part for a little less. We’re slowly but surely getting there and hopefully this will fix the problem!! (City bus though is looking absolutely lovely about now)= could be a great experience and maybe I could read a book on the way to work.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on about my car and the headaches it’s caused me thus far…but like I said the quote I chose for today is ever more appropriate. I truly feel deep inside that there is a reason that I am having to deal with this situation…maybe it’s that I’m not suppose to drive this car because something bad could’ve happened, maybe it’s because I just need to realize that not always getting what I want, when I want, truly is my stroke of luck and there is a bigger picture I must see…i definitely have learned that I shouldn’t take the littlest of things like having my own car to use when I want, for granted!! Lesson learned!!

Hope this all made sense!! Have a great Tuesday!!


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