School after 40

Eager to learn

Eager to learn

Back to school

Back to school

Heatlhy Heart

Heatlhy Heart

So a few months ago I decided that I would go back to school, but would do so on line. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to be in the medical field but because I became so comfortable with my current job, I held off doing anything. Over the past 6 or so years, I have had both my parents in the hospital for bypass surgery. The occurances happened 3 years and 1 month apart from eachother. Dad underwent a 5 bypass surgery and my mom a 4 bypass surgery. They had great doctors for whom my sisters and I are grateful for. When my dad went home my mom was there to care for him. But when my mom went home, my dad, although he has always taken care of my mom; was not really aware of what to really do to help her in her recovery. My little sister and I took turns alternating day and night to assist our dad in helping our mom. Thankfully they are doing well. The only really slowing them down, especially my mom, is age. Last year my boyfriend who is rather young (37 at the time) was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He felt sick, much like the flu symptoms, but knew by his body that it was more. His heart wasn’t functioning properly meaning it was working over time. We decided, after long talks with his doctor, that he should have a defibrillator inserted in the event that his heart should beat irruglar, it would assist him faster. When we got home, there was constant monitoring of his blood pressure, heart rate, fever, logging what meds he took…etc. It was like in home nursing.

The reason for saying all this is because throughout all this, it made me realize that I truly want to help others. I figured that I could do for others what I was doing for my parents and boyfriend. I have chosen to go into the medical field as a medical assistant with the hopes of doing more later.

What I’m finding hard to do is balancing, work, family and studying. I go to work thinking to myself that I can study at lunch and some times I do. There are other days when I go to work and think that I’ll get my exercise at lunch by walking. And there are just those days when I don’t do either. I’m trying to find something that will work for me in terms of time management for all, but I’m striking out. I suppose you have to know me first, I graduated from high school in 1988 and did not go to college because I decided to work full-time. (I regret that now)!!! So I’m finding it really hard to try and concentrate. I can’t “remember” how to study or take notes. I’ve looked to one of my co-workers for assistance and she’s offered great ideas, but I’m struggling. I am currently doing General Education….and I have to say that it is difficult. As hard as it was for me in high school to understand the periodic table, it’s much harder for me now.

So my fellow bloggers, I reach out to you for some suggestions on studying, time management and any other ideas you have for me. : )


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